EXPO 2015

Montecatini Terme e la Valdinievole a Fuori Expo
Milano 25 - 30 Agosto

EXPO 2015 is a unique chance for our land to show its own value: from Leonardo to Pinocchio is a project which is aiming to stay as a permanent description of such an incredible land, whose fines are designed by the presence of the Genius of Leonardo (South Eastern side, Montalbano area) and of the most loved wooden puppet, Pinocchio (North Western side, Collodi area) Natural Thermal springs, medieval thick walls, liberty glasses and quiet natural reserve; a magical place called “the Switzerland from Pescia” and a rock climbing brand new trail. Good food & Wine, Long and amazing bycicle and hiking tracks. Good fellows, this is our land, from Leonardo to Pinocchio

See the web site and download the program: