Drinking thermal water - Thermal drink

Focus on Drinking thermal water

You should drink thermal water in the morning on an empty stomach, according to the amount and method specified by the doctor.
It is very useful to walk between one drink and the next, as slight exercise promotes diuresis and renal vascularisation.
Taking a break, regaining a regular pace of life and combining it with a controlled diet are important aspects that contribute to achieving a general well-being: the psycho-sensorial stimuli generated during your stay at the thermal baths engender positive reactions that integrate and enhance the specific therapeutic properties of Montecatini's thermal water.

To make the most of the benefits of the thermal waters at Montecatini's thermal baths, the treatment based on drinking thermal water should be carried out twice a year and each therapy should last 12 days, a period corresponding to the correct specific response of the water-salt metabolism to the treatment. 

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Good for:

Liver, gallbladder and duodenum
Digestive system and Gastrointestinal
Circulatory and Vascular system
Kidneys and urinary tract

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Effects of Drinking thermal water

At a gastric level, hypotonic waters (namely the ones in the Tettuccio complex) cause:
  • Increased chloride peptic secretion
  • Accelerated bowel function (also and especially in dyspeptic patients)
  • Increased interdigestive motility
Effects on the intestine:
  • Stimulation of smooth muscles
  • Choleretic-cholagogue stimulation (which has an indirect action on the intestine)
  • Release of peptides that promote motility
  • Osmotic mechanisms (Na draws water in the digestive tract)
As for the liver and bile ducts, water with more sulphate (Regina complex) determines:
  • Stimulation of gallbladder contraction
  • Relaxation of the sphincter of Oddi
Actions of the Sphincter of the Tettuccio complex:
  • Choleretic
  • Antispastic
  • Mildly cholagogic
Effects of these actions:
  • Improved bile flow with less stasis
  • Reduced inflammation and formation of stones
  • Cleansing of the entire biliary tree
  • Increased bowel function with heterologous and toxic bile molecules (protective action for the liver)
  • Increased tolerance to carbohydrates due to improved liver function

The effects on the body's metabolism are mainly related to the reduction of cholesterol and serum lipoproteins.
Namely, the combined effects of the water of the Regina complex on the intestinal transit speed and excretion of bile acids in the faeces produce significantly lower total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol.
The Tettuccio complex produces the same effect though with different mechanisms.

Thermal Products Used

Tettuccio Water
Regina Water
Rinfresco Water
Leopoldina Water